The following is an extract from an article by Daen Palma Huse. You can read the full article here

Tamara Konstantin surprises with a penchant for pairing soft romanticism with colourful passion in her new album Resilience. The Georgian-born composer has paired with the talented Elly Suh on violin and the acclaimed Jiaxin Lloyd on the cello to deliver her uplifting compositions. Ever inspired by the British landscape across the Dorset coastline, the album shows Konstantin’s passion for composing between heartfelt melodies, dramatic tempo and steady rhythm.

Describing her trio as the “Three Graces,” Konstantin nods to Greek mythology, and comfortably leads the group with her charm and theatrical delivery. Eponymous with the Three Graces, three songs form the heart of the album. The opening piece “Aglaia” shows brilliant piano chords superimposed with swaying strings. “Euphrosyne” lies at the heart of the album, before closing with a yearning “Thalia” towards the end, altogether representing charm and beauty.

The sounds of violin and cello mix effortlessly with the soft piano chords in the philosophical journey that is “Elixir of Life” – with the “Isolation Blues” nodding to the shared memories of very recent events….