Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, to non – musical parents, as a young child Tamara showed an interest in every piano she passed. So much so, that at age of 5 her parents bought her one and she was soon picking out and replicating complicated melodies she heard on the radio or TV. Upon receiving professional piano tuition she was recommended for and accepted by an elite music school for gifted children and went on to graduate at the Tbilisi Music Academy.

During her early career she performed several solo recitals and concerts accompanied by The Georgian State Symphony Orchestra.

Tamara’s career took an entirely different direction after she completed her Linguistics Degree at Tbilisi University and was offered a job as the first female Political Commentator on Georgian Television. But this was to finish when she fell in love and married an Englishman who brought her to London in 1990. Here she embarked upon a career in the Oil Industry, becoming Vice President of a publicly listed oil and gas exploration company.

Tamara now focuses on her music and lives in Dorset where her musical inclinations have been reignited and inspired by the stunning coastline and countryside. Her classical training combined with her natural talent enabled her to translate the beauty of her surroundings into music. Following an intense period of creativity, Tamara released her first debut album ‘ Inflections ‘ in 2016.

Inflections‘ was released by the Stone Record Label and was nominated ‘CD of the week ‘ by Lady Magazine and compositions from the album have been played on Classic FM, BBC Scotland (Classics Unwrapped) and BBC Solent. Tamara was awarded First Prize by The Georgian Composer’s Guild for her work and has performed selections from it at several concerts including one organised by the Duchy of Cornwall. Several TV features also followed including CMUSIC TV and Georgian State Television.

Tamara’s second CD, ‘Reverie‘, was released in March 2019 by the Naxos Record Label.

As Tamara says ‘I love to reflect on my personal experiences and transpose these into music. It is fulfilling and satisfying to see the pleasure my music gives to others and that inspires me to be even more creative’.

Tamara is now working on her third album which she plans to release in 2020.