Inflections is a musical journey through the seasons, which I hope you will enjoy travelling through with me. It is a personal journey, reflecting my inner spirit of optimism with a twist of inspiration. The style of music is motivated by the ornate and heavily ornamented baroque period; Chopin’s romanticism, Rachmaninoff’s strength and of course Beethoven’s power. Every person listening to the music will feel something different. Be it joy, peace, excitement or even sadness. The album is called Inflections because the same music or words can mean different things depending on how they are played or said – this is Inflection. Hopefully you will enjoy listening to the album and get as much pleasure out of it as I did from composing. It starts with my favourite season, Spring. The interweaving of springtime themes such as re-birth, rejuvenation and regrowth express the vitality and change associated with spring. This is followed by a light piece entitled Childhood Memories, a carefree playful romp with a twist of naughtiness and sense of fun. It is reminiscent of childhood games.

In a change of pace Nocturne Romantica is a sensual piece; I was inspired by themes of twentieth century romanticism. The deep emotions running through it were inspired by the support of my husband Derek, to whom I have dedicated this nocturne.

During the writing of Melancholy I was considering the turmoil of feelings and emotions that one experiences periodically.

Sonata Alke and Sonata Bia are part of a collection which I have written, inspired by the stories and characters of Greek mythology. Alke was the female personification of battle strength, prowess and courage; Bia was one of the winged enforcers who stood by Zeus; she was the goddess of force, might and power. Both sonatas are determined by strength, energy, drama and power. They follow the traditional format of three movements, Alke, (andante, andante, allegro), Bia (allegro, andante, allegro).

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