Musical Mistress of reinvention

The following is an extract from Ox Sylva (autumn-winter-2021). You can read the full article here

Reading the interview with our cover star, Tamara Konstantin might persuade me – and you – to think otherwise. What an inspirational woman. I love reading about people who have had swingeing career paths and Tamara is a great example. From being the first female political commentator in her native Georgia, to VP of Business Development for an international oil company, she is now a renowned composer/performer who has played for, amongst others, HRH Prince Charles. Amazing, and a salient reminder that life is dynamic and full of possibility. It is, perhaps, a more positive spin on my favourite motto: ‘this too shall pass’ – one we’ve all had to try and hang on to this past year.

I find it incredibly soothing to be reminded of this as I look ahead to 2022 and start to feel a Tiggerish excitement about all the opportunities the new year promises. Click below to dive into this new issue, see you next time…